Is actually sand, Seems like water


Which star, of which destination?

What’s the matter!

Where do the roads of heart leads?

Without the footsteps,

Should I express my truth, through 

the pearls of my eyes,

And love from the corners of my heart?

Who cares, what’s inside…

Standing far away, the princess of dreams,

In reality, is like a mirage in the desert,

Is actually sand, seems to be like water,

Should I make efforts for her, 

Mine is a worthless personality but, still, 

I play with it!!

Who wants?

Truth of eyes, as pure as pearls,

Love of soul, as pure as gold!!

Who cares, what’s inside…

It actually is sand, seems like water…

~ Inspired by the film TAMASHA


Author: Lovish Chawla

Iconoclastic Idiot

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