The Reason to live…

If you don’t have apparently any reason to 


Then this doesn’t makes as reason to die..

Imagine a scenario, you get, or rather met,

The biggest reason, or rather person to let,

Just let you with the biggest reason to live,

Affected by an unfortunate turn of  life u get,

And every second of your each day drive,

You to the another world, the other side,


You’ve got the reason to live, but no life,

And apparently here’s something I’ve got,

After diving into this deep sea of thought,

Is that, just being alive, at this peculiar time 


If not only, but is one of the biggest reason,

Or rather blessing to live…

At its fullest…


All at once, yet nothing at all…

There are times, when you want to learn

somebody, you want to understand them,

To unfold their soul,

And then, there are times you want to forget 


very somebody, you want nothing from them,

To let go all,

And if you’re stuck in b/w these two 


This very stage is known as untitled,

Undisputed, undivided, well, what do I say 

more, filled with emotions,

All at once, and yet nothing at all…

Is actually sand, Seems like water


Which star, of which destination?

What’s the matter!

Where do the roads of heart leads?

Without the footsteps,

Should I express my truth, through the pearls 

 of my eyes,

And love from the corners of my heart?

Who cares, what’s inside…

Standing far away, the princess of dreams,

In reality, is like a mirage in the desert,

Is actually sand, seems to be like water,

Should I make efforts for her, is a worthless 

personality but, should I play with it?

Nobody wants, truth of eyes as pure as 


Love of soul, as pure as gold!!

Who cares, what’s inside…

It actually is sand, seems like water…

~ Inspired by the film TAMASHA


Poems are hard to write,

You are hardest to read,

And when it comes to describe you,

Eternity is the duration I’ll concede,

May be it’s an illusion that i perceived about you

Or is it your magic, the reason of my defeat..

I lost myself without even playing this game,

And now I’m searching for myself in your 

name, that’s the problem about these things,  

Nothing is wrong at all, nor there’s anything 

right, And thus, surely you are hardest to read, 

And poems are hard to write…


What’s the point, reason of your existence, 

Have you ever wondered, all the things falling

 into place, signs of the universe showering 

their grace, still there’s an existence of 

anonymity of yourself with you and the 

others, those all around you , restlessness 

goes on a rage , when you’re not aware of 

truest image, of yours , what it is, that’s in 

your heart, burning thoroughly and then all 

at once, keeping you wondering why all this 

begun, not surprisingly we all know there’s a 

reason behind this, still you have to unfold 

your myth!!

What’s the reason for your existence…

Do think about this…

Eternity of Divine

And then i use to wonder lately at night,

That what allows us to wander, think , vibrate at the same frequency,

May be it’s a tale of fate or an act of democracy,

May be a universal take or part of our diplomacy,

May be this idiosincracy is something else, 

That can’t be defined, and doesn’t make sense,

Really, is this what they call divine?

Or is it just, that your soul is nothing but a long lost broken part of mine?

And last night, i realised that it’s​ really pristine,

That your soul is an eternal home to mine! 

And now that you’re here , it feels like eternity of divine!


When you realise that everything around you

Is nothing, but just beauty and madness,

That feeling my friend is love..

When all the virtues gets strengthen, also, The moments of euphoria and sadness,
That feeling my friend is love..

When everything in your life and around you,

The spirit of your soul feels the calmness,

That feeling my friend is love..

When you realise that those three words,

Are said too much, not enough to express,

That feeling my friend is love…