Poems are hard to write,

You are hardest to read,

And when it comes to describe you,

Eternity is the duration I’ll concede,

May it’s an illusion that i perceived about you

Or is it your magic, the reason of my defeat..

I lost myself to you without even playing this game,

And now I’m searching for myself in your name, 

that’s the problem about these things, 

Nothing is wrong at all, nor there’s anything 

right, And thus inversely, 

May be this snippet is hard to read 


 About you is hardest to write…


Quest Of Life

Lately I started thinking,

What life is all about,

Is it all about upbringing,

Or will it ever make stars come out,

Off their origin make them sing,

The story that they upholds since inception,

Their music that is my kind of thing,

And figure out the crux of my perception,

Story that I wants to believe in,

Script that will bring out the best,

An extravagant epilogue to ensure my wins,

Life, may be an enigmatic quest,

I can’t imagine more possible scenes,

This Quest won’t let me live I guess,


This life won’t let me quest itself…

Since That Day Begun

Pen on paper, paper on pen,

This was done,that year and then,

It’s also about how, what and when,

Trying to cram everything down,

Humans have been running around,

To create power, money and den,

The Day this race begun, since then,

Moral values has gone for a ride,

From groom killing their bride,

To we giving ourselves a bribe,

What kind of a life are we leading,

Comrade gets left bleeding,

All we need is love,

And all we serve is pleading,

Every damn thing has gone for a spun,

Ever Since That Day Begun,

Don’t know about you but I’m stun…


Truth, what is it?

Some may say it’s a verb

Other will say it’s a curse

Some might say it’s the Judicial divinity

Other might say it’s nothing but the reality

But whatever it is,

We must not forget,

The chance that we get to speak the Truth,

Shows the values that in our hearts we put, 


That’s why I believe, 

“Truth must be sound of our voices,

Or may be,

It’s just the voice of our souls”

Someday, I’ll…

Someday, I’ll fall for you.

For The earth’s gravitational pull is good

I knew,

Before I came across your exquisite view,

More magnetic I found, your eyes, to name 

A few,

Looking in your eyes, makes me wonder,

What will happen, If i dive in and get 


Will it wipe out my sins, or I’ll just get 


Of course it’s oblivious, only you could tell,

Whether it’s Nirvana, or Hell,

I don’t know what it is, and all I’m saying 

Is true,

That earth’s gravitational pull is good, 

I knew,

But someday, reason of my fall will be you…

The Reason to live…

If you don’t have apparently any reason to 


Then this doesn’t makes as reason to die..

Imagine a scenario, you get, or rather met,

The biggest reason, or rather person to let,

Just let you with the biggest reason to live,

Affected by an unfortunate turn of  life u get,

And every second of your each day drive,

You to the another world, the other side,


You’ve got the reason to live, but no life,

And apparently here’s something I’ve got,

After diving into this deep sea of thought,

Is that, just being alive, at this peculiar time 


If not only, but is one of the biggest reason,

Or rather blessing to live…

At its fullest…

All at once, yet nothing at all…

There are times, when you want to learn

somebody, you want to understand them,

To unfold their soul,

And then, there are times you want to forget 


very somebody, you want nothing from them,

To let go all,

And if you’re stuck in b/w these two 


This very stage is known as untitled,

Undisputed, undivided, well, what do I say 

more, filled with emotions,

All at once, and yet nothing at all…